Discover your Soul Life Purpose and how guidance helps you fulfill it!  Learn the solutions to get and keep you on track!

What you will experience and learn in an Inner Guidance and Spiritual Thrust Profile:

Discover your unique spiritual life purpose or thrust in this life and how you as a soul are set to evolved and grow.  See why your life has unfolded as it has!  Know what to do next!

Learn the last life of each of your guides – where they were born, lived and visited.  Find out their occupations, professions or trades and the specific skills and wisdom they bring to your team.

Process seven key qualities of life that you can improve upon; find the everyday solutions to make that improvement and how your guidance will support that solution!

Leave this two hour session with renewed confidence and self-respect!  $250


You will receive:

  • A Four Page Chart defining your life purpose; a matrix showing each Guides’ last life and how the guide assists you today

  • A Visual Map showing where each Guide appeared on Earth. 

  • A Solutions Chart that shows you for how to improve your quality of life and how the guides will assist the solutions.

  • The Gifts and Cycles Book describing your Cycles of Life and how each Perception evolves.