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Trust Yourself

Manifest Your Goals

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Trust Myself

Manifest My Goals

Fulfill My Life Adventure

Are you feeling free to be yourself or trying hard to make your relationships work? 

Your first relationship is with yourself and your unique Life Purpose.  It is a life force in action, your spiritual DNA, and the key to the Laws of Attraction.  Learn how to magnetize the REAL YOU!

What steps can you take to improve your relationships and stay true to your path and purpose in life?

You have the answers within you, including how to honestly communicate and connect with people in your life that you’re crazy about, but who can sometimes drive you crazy!   Overcome the trap of losing yourself in your relationships!

Discover the Inner Freedom of Self-Acceptance and Respect! 

Embrace the Change You Deserve! 

Stop Stressing, Start Relaxing and Listen To Your Inner Self

Tune in!  Tune up! Turn on!

Discover the Four Languages of Relationships that build bridges and tear down the walls of misunderstanding that can stifle, perplex and frustrate you!

Find a super-highway to self-understanding and healing,

Learn to Direct-Connect with your team of inner guidance to manifest the life you have always dreamed of.

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Psychic Sensitivity – Not My Imagination


Susan’s Old Soul Life Story   


First impressions can be a hunch, a dream, a vision, an idea, a feeling. I had them all the time as a child.  Being a very sensitive, intuitive soul was very challenging. I was physically ill a lot, in part because I was stressed out by my relationships in my family.

I tried to detach from my intuitive self as I moved into my teens when the outer world became too overwhelming. I never forgot the psychic experiences I had as a kid.

It took some life and death experiences to start paying attention again.  I began a search to find answers.  

What people are saying:

“As a father of an amazingly bright, yet physically challenged soul, the methods that Susan and Paul teach have brought much peace and self-understanding to me and my family.  Knowing and applying The Four Languages of Relationships techniques are priceless to the well-being of our family dynamics!  I highly recommend their work!” 
Curt B. Stamford, CT
The descriptions of the Four Spiritual “Languages” is a wonderful tool. The different languages help me to understand myself and my family members. I am creating more structure in my life so I am not procrastinating, yet I have the flexibility and freedom to express my creativity.  This is true inner security.
Liliana Proano, Barcelona, Spain

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Evolution Calendars

Evolution Calendars

Stay in tune with the energy and forces in your environment that affect your energy level.

The gifts in the 7 year cycles book

Your Life Cycles

As you evolve through your life’s cycles, your spiritual abilities also evolve. This book clarifies it all.


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Astrology insights for you, your family and the people in your life.





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