Create practical balance in Body, Mind and Soul by taking your Chakras Therapy and Upkeep to a new level

What you will experience and learn in a Chakras Therapy Session:

Understand how balanced and imbalanced you are in the seven key energy centers.  Receive an exact percentage for your openness in each of the Chakras. 

Learn the practical, real world definition the chakras, the concepts you need to release or strengthen and how your physical body is being impacted.

Experience a chakras self-healing and unfoldment method that will change and uplift your energy in an instant.  This technique will assist your laws of attraction, abundance and all levels of daily success! 

$250  (The Blockage Healing Session is a prerequisite)


You will receive:

  • An Overview Percentage Chart that shows the unfoldment and interaction of the Chakras. 

  • A Definition and Therapy Worksheet to help you add powerful new energy to your all areas of your relationships.

  • Special coaching and training to guide you to the maximum benefits of the session.