Inner Guidance and the Four Relationship Languages


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Discover how to navigate the pulls and pressures in your life!

Magnetize your greatest asset to stand tall, keep the high ground and be unshakeably unstoppable!


“Relationships: We all want ‘em. We all have ‘em. Now what do we do with them?”  Jimmy Buffet


When you think about the relationships in your life, how are they affecting you?


We are constantly communicating, even without saying a word. We can FEEL what our loved ones are feeling. We can be mentally affected by THOUGHTS in our workplace environments or the internet community! That can be very inspiring or very stressful.


The more sensitive you are, the more your communication with yourself, with your inner guidance, and with others becomes ESSENTIAL to your well-being and ability to fulfill your unique purpose in life.


Have you ever…

Felt frustrated or misunderstood when communicating with key people in your life?

Lost your cool or confidence when working with a client or business colleague?

Felt overwhelmed when trying to fulfill your needs and support people close to you?

Welcome to “Empower YOU In All Your Relationships” A Transformational Technique Workshop

Our goal for you is to find practical solutions to feel better, think clearer and act with more confidence. In this 3-hour, interactive seminar, empower yourself from within as you:


  • Discover how to be more loyal to yourself and your purpose, to manifest what you need and want in your relationships

  • Understand the “spiritual contract” you have in each important relationship and empower that everyday

  • Get practical keys for HOW to communicate with the different people in your life through each of the Four Languages of Relationships – Prophecy, Vision, Intuition and Feeling

  • Add new tools to your Spiritual Toolkit, including a unique “high-to-high spirit-cleansing” technique to energize and uplift any environment (personal, business, community, world).

  • Quickly tune in to practical solutions from your inner guidance to communicate effectively with yourself and the people you interact with everyday.