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Susan Kellogg has been teaching people how to work with their natural E.S.P. and their inner guidance for over 30 years. An international educator and consultant, she helps people to tap their inner wisdom and find answers to the important questions of life:  why am I here, where have I come from, where am I going?
“As a child, I was very sensitive, seeing auras, angels, and other energies. A creative spirit, I found public schooling challenging and was often ill.  My health seemed to improve, the more positive and relaxed her environment. The arts offered me opportunities to continue to express that creativity, as well as inspire the positive side of my psychic sensitivity, where seeing an aura, hearing an intuitive message, following a strong feeling ‘hunch’, or having a prophetic dream could be helpful and empowering. 
“Like music, the language of ‘intuitive feelings’ is universal,”  says Susan. “Positive soul-to-soul communication uplifts and unifies people from every walk of life. That is like healing music to me.”
As a teenager, Susan began a quest to learn how to be in command of her psychic sensitivity in any environment, and to connect with that higher source of inspiration on a 24/7 basis.  “I was introduced to the spiritual programs in 1974 and have used the simple principles and techniques to help me to have the quality of life I had always dreamed of.”
Susan was inspired by her father, who as a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra became one of the first ‘musical diplomats,’ sharing music in countries behind the Iron Curtain in the ‘60s and ‘70s. With her husband and partner, Paul, she raised a family of five children to use their unique ‘soul’ talents and inner communication in their relationships, schooling, work and community service.


Dr. Paul Kellogg is internationally acclaimed as a practical intuitive. He shares a common sense, demystifying approach to the psychic and spiritual forces of our lives.  To Paul, “these untapped, under-utilized natural sensitivities are the most powerful tools we can incorporate into our personal growth, our relationships, our business and community affairs.  Yet most people know very little about making these gifts useful as a daily habit.”
During his career of 49 years, Paul has appeared on hundreds of radio and television talk shows and been interviewed by newspapers across the globe. He shares personal experiences that “I don’t just have psychic gifts, I am a psychic being and so is everyone!” The focus of his lectures and interactive workshops is to help the public unfold and harness the prophetic, visionary, intuitive and feeling perceptions we all possess from before birth.


Around the World
Paul has conducted workshops on using practical intuition in leadership, team-building and management communication across North America for innumerable companies including the American Red Cross, National Council on Aging, EDHOC, Jaffe Law, and the St. Louis Public Schools. He has consulted with people at his international seminars in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland and England.
Kellogg speaks to the simplicity and reality of life after death, the help we have from master souls, the cycles of life and one’s unique life purpose.  His seminars have helped thousands to not just talk about these mystical ideas, but to live them as personal tools and techniques – as assets to improve the quality of our lives and the lives of those we care about.



Sondra Kellogg has a keen ability to “hear” into the heart of a matter with ease. With a grounded and gentle approach, she will support you to move past resistance you are experiencing in your life so you can stand in the truth of who you truly are – completely connected and whole. She will playfully support you to align with your inner power, passion and true sense of fulfillment so that you can contribute your innate genius to the world.
Sondra’s past experience in the corporate and non-profit world helps her keep things simple, clear, and grounded, and her style of communication is just that. Originally from Iowa, Sondra now lives with her husband and two daughters in Connecticut. She loves to sing, dance, travel and experience new cultures, hike and scramble to incredible vistas, and enjoy the labor of love a of good chef.


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What people are saying:

“This work is inspired by enlightenment and empowering techniques.  The Kelloggs have helped the whole family to spiritually grow and prosper.”  Curt B.  Connecticut
The techniques I have learned are the most applicable that I have learned in 20 years of searching.”  Kathy R.  New Mexico
These classes have opened up a whole new world for me.  I have gained confidence with my intuitiveness and feel more connected to my guides than ever before.  I am happy, my head is clear…and so is my vision for the future.”  Nicole J.  Iowa
“The amazing power of energy has given me a new way of thinking and the group dynamic of like-minded seekers does nothing less than blow my mind.”  Sharon Z.  Iowa

In the Media:

“To Paul Kellogg, your extrasensory perception is as real – if not as obvious – as the nose on your face.”  Des Moines Register
“Everyone has an aura of sensitivity.  Kellogg’s purpose is to help people use ESP as a practical part of their lives.”  Daily Gazette
“Although our intellectual upbringing forces us to shut off our life forces, we never lose our natural sensitivity.”  Memphis Commercial Appeal
“There is no guru involved in this work. I feel we all have our own answers inside.”  Indianapolis News
“People’s stress is caused by how they think.  Even the medical community sees that mental processes cause physical strains.”  Richmond Times-Dispatch