Understand and heal the blockages in your seven-year cycles.  Release, refresh and free your Spirit!

What you will experience and learn in a Blockage Discovery Session:

Discover the real and often hidden causes behind your insecurities, fears and lack of confidence.

See the patterns that have been set through your cycles of life and why issues keep reoccurring over time.

Learn the spiritual roots of the blockage – how it got started, who the real influences were and how to step out of the confusion.

Take the revitalized love you feel from this session and create new waves of happiness, abundance and fulfillment!  One Hour – $250

You will receive:

  • A comprehensive chart detailing the exact blockage area, patterns and origins

  • A safe and confidential space to open your heart and allow guidance to assist your healing

  • A special self-healing technique to build and maintain a reborn YOU!