Consultations for the Four Areas of Relationships and Contracts

My Relationship with Myself

My Relationship with Guidance

My Relationship with Opportunities

My Relationship with People

Your Relationships are your greatest source of personal development.  They mirror who you are physically, mentally and spiritually.  Relationships are the source of your joys, challenges, frustrations and success.  They are unavoidable!  Soul2Soul Living helps you target the solutions that will fulfill your needs and hearts desires.

We present Relationships in four key areas – with Yourself; Guidance, God or the Universe; Business and other Opportunities and People in Your Life.  Each area has unique qualities to master and expand upon.

After the Orientation Sessions, you can evolve into ever more rewarding growth.  Here are some of the next opportunities to do that:


The Relationships and Contracts Master Profile

There are four vital and evolutionary areas of relationships:  My Relationship with Me; My Relationship with Guidance; My Relationship with Opportunities and My Relationship with People. 

In this session of one hour, you discover a full overview of each area with a % of how you are fulfilling that area, what is holding you back and then find a solution.  It, then, dovetails all 4 areas into a master solution via working with your guidance and purpose energy!

You can then do an hour on each area for intense therapy and evolution – it is revealing and powerful to do all 5 sessions!   $250  (Prerequisites: the Guidance and Gifts and the Life Purpose sessions)


The Relationships and Contracts Unique Area Profiles

After the initial Contracts Profile, each area of relationships can be targeted for specific insights and solutions: 

My Relationship with Me – There is no greater agreement than the one you have with yourself. Find out how much you are buffered from the influences outside of you; where you get lost in the past or future; how to uplift your energy levels and what stymies or creates your success!

My Relationship with Guidance – Whether you call it the higher power or angels or God, this is your second most important relationship!  Discover just how aligned you are with this source of inspiration and how you can improve being in the right place and time.  Know the facts from the fairytales!

My Relationship with Opportunities – Undo the shackles of be a servant. Empower your true service vibs.  Increase your productivity in business without losing your standards or boundaries.  Learn to balance your work with all other facets of your daily life.

My Relationship with People – Invoke the secrets to your personal “laws of attraction.”  See how to have depth with other people and still be an independent soul. Discover keys to keep your energy up 100% and lift others up in the process.


Like an MRI Scan, you realize the truth and authenticity of you in all your relationships. Know the unavoidable facts!    Each session is $250.  Ask about package pricing!


Adventures Of Service Coaching

This is an hour.  It shows you the balance and imbalance of your feelings or service, your organization or intellect and your action or investment of energy.  You get solutions in each.

You then receive a “Success Quotient” for the levels of your interest, commitment and effective use of time; where the blocks are and what the success solutions are for each area, including the overall needs for actions.

You can experience this as an overall life session or you can pick a specific area, relationship or project.   $250

The Life Purpose of An Angel – A Living Thrust

This lasts one hour and gives you the Spiritual Thrust of one of your Angels in their last life as they graduated Planet Earth.  So cool! 

Then you see how your thrust and that angels thrust interact which deepens your understanding of how that angel is assisting you. 

Imagine having an intimate awareness of how your Angels lived before and what they now bring to your team!  $150 per session.  Ask about package pricing!

How to Fulfill My Needs and Receive What I Want  – “The flow of my contracts”

In a two hour “dive deep” session you will be intuitively guided to align your Life Purpose with what, when, where, why and how to achieve your heart’s desires. 

It begins by further clarifying exactly why you are here in this life and your core values that cement that purpose in stone.  Your personal policies and procedures become very clear for charting your direction to meet your aspirations. 

In the second hour you will define your goals with unshakeable clarity and learn a formula to fulfill the spiritual need by accomplishing the want.  You will plainly see the pitfalls and solutions to maintain a journey of fun and enlightenment along the way!  Get ready for a wonderful exploration into mastering YOU on Planet Earth. $300 (Prerequisite: 7009G session – $200)