Soul Astrology

Astrology for The Soul Natal Chart—Your Soul Story: An intuitive, in-depth exploration of your soul path, your life purpose, your challenges and your potential. Your strengths and challenges are part of your spiritual resources. Learn to tap them as you understand the what/when/where/why of your unique path.
Get the big picture of the life patterns that work for you and those you can change as you heal the concepts that limit your freedom and true expression. Will incorporate your spiritual thrust information and key blockage area. Includes prepared chart. 1 hr. ($95)
North Node Potential — Power Points: This unique regrouping of the North Node in your natal chart includes a checklist of the qualities that provide you inner security and ease as you move forward in life (Your Soul Power Points), plus the pitfalls to avoid.
Your empowering habits and qualities help you to be in command of your energy, focus your sensitivity, improve your relationships and create greater ease in communicating, decision-making and accomplishing your goals. Includes chart. 1 hr. ($75)
Solar Return Birthday Chart: Tune into your birthday year ahead and your pathway of opportunities, trends, and possibilities that will inspire and challenge you.
Identify any major areas of soul growth that are highlighted for the year, areas that require extra awareness, patience and understanding.
Tune into guidance for solutions. Recom: Natal chart 1 hr. ($95)