“Of all earthly music, that which reaches farthest into the universe, is the beating of a truly loving heart.”

Here is our playlist of upbeat, timeless and timely music to raise your spirits and feed your soul.  You can play the whole list or click on each song as you so choose   ENJOY!

For playing the whole list, click here:  INSPIRATION!

Perhaps Love

John Denver’s Iconic song of true love says it all.  Our relationships grow and evolve rooted in appreciation, awareness and respect.  Sing along to all of those people for which you care!

Can’t Stop the Feeling

Just Like Fire

This unique, rousing song from Pink reminds us to be true to ourselves. The power of the soul with a unique purpose.

What The World Needs Now

Wynonna Judd shares an uplifting message of the power of Love. Tune in and tune up your energy. Give yourself a Love Feast today.

Sing the Body Electric

Wonderful World

Written by Sam Cooke in 1960 and made famous by Louis Armstrong, the message of this song rings so true today.  Breathe it in for both of your inner and outer worlds!


Higher Power

A dynamic song by Chris Martin of Cold Play that will inspire you to connect with the high power within you and all around you!


What The World Needs Now

All of our relationships need it – LOVE SWEET LOVE!  Especially you!  So look in the mirror, give yourself a hug first and then find someone in your world today who could use a little love, too! 


Change the World

Get up and dance to this wonderful rhythmic song by Eric Clapton.  Full of guitar, drums, piano, it’s beat and flow that will impel you to make changes in your world!  You can do it!


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Dreaming, reaching beyond and knowing that there is a place for your unique beingness.  Sing it with heart like Eva Cassidy does here and BELIEVE!


Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong

Awaken! Rise Up!  Soar like an Eagle!  You have an aura that is a mile tall!  There is no one in the Galaxy like you.  You are perfect for what YOU have come to do – no one can live your unique life purpose.  You belong!  Just Be, Learn, Do and Grow!



Dance to this one too!  If you do, you will be amazed at how your perspective will change and invite Guidance to share with you.  Guidance is attracted to Enthusiasm!


Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Choose!  Worry?  Happy?  No matter what challenges you may be facing, fretting won’t fix it.  Shifting to a solution-oriented mind will start the transformation.


Pure Imagination

So many success stories begin with a dream, an idea, IMAGINATION!  What can you imagine to do, to be, to receive, to give?  If you want it enough and are will to be patient and organized, it will happen!  Take the first step!


Lean On Me

When are you going to ask for help?  It is there.  You DO have people who will lend a hand and guidance that will share insights.  Find your tribe, build your team, be a creator!


The Prayer

NO MATTER WHAT – the backing of the universe is all around you!  It makes no difference what you call it, just call it.  Then take that first step to toward progress.  Make the change, release the doubt – just do it!



Move it and sing it like you love it!  Enthusiasm is contagious and attracts the greatness of the Universe to you.