Authority, Love and the Father Figure

In the month of March, regroup your spiritual balance of your innate masculine and feminine energies in this powerful course from the Department of Family World. Introduced by Dr. Francisco Coll in the 1970’s. (Note: It may be directed to fulfill requirements for PCCI affiliations)

8757: Authority, Love and the Father Figure

An amazing regrouping for both men and women.  Take time to create a tremendous reservoir of self-respect.  Tap into your masculine strengths to refine your inner discipline as you let go of any need to punish yourself. Finding the God Within is a part of the elevation of Inner Authority.
Guidance techniques throughout the course will help you see how your parents influenced your self-image and self-discipline. Discover how your masculine part expresses love.  Reclaim your soul vibration with a deeper awareness from guidance on how you may have gotten sidetracked in your first seven years and how to get back on track.             Prerequisites: None    $140
Sunday, March 12:  9am-12noon ET        8757 Part A   Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead when Daily Savings Time changes to Standard Time
Monday, March 13:  7-9pm ET                  8757 Part B
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